Our goal is to enable your core business to become more productive & more profitable

Every business faces tough decisions when it comes to deciding which assets to sell, when to sell them, and how to sell them. We take care of the work of ‘dirty’ work so you can keep your hands clean.

  • Maximise your Metal
  • Confidence in Auction Results
  • Airtight Digital Processes
  • Single Point of Contact
  • No Arm Wrestling
  • Minimal Back & Forth


Asset Inspections, Registers & Appraisals

We bring consistency to asset appraisals and valuations, enabling businesses to uncover the value of their assets with precision and confidence. Our valuation offering leverages extensive data sources, specialist expertise, and proprietary systems that have been refined over years to accurately inspect and value your equipment and machinery. Whether it be one asset or a fleet, our inspectors will come to you.

Asset Cataloging

Our asset-specific experts categorise your asset(s) according to its characteristics, and determine the right channel to maximise value.

Auction Pricing

We help you set realistic reserves and price optimally by using specialist expertise & algorithmic intelligence.

Asset Registers

We compile, standardise, and audit asset registers to help you value your assets with completeness & precision.


Asset Sales & Remarketing

We specialise in facilitating optimised asset disposals, from beginning to end, to standardise your disposal process making it simple, reliable, and predictable. Our dedicated auction professionals help you decide when to sell, how to merchandise and market your assets, and finalize your disposal. Save yourself the effort and save yourself the time by allowing us do the work for you.

Marketing & Merchandising

We prepare your asset by capturing high quality photos and presenting key information - professionally - to your buyers.

Auction & Sales

We connect you to an extensive network of buyers through our aggregated auctions and marketplaces to maximise your propensity to profit.

Reporting & Compliance

We assist you in collecting and completing the necessary documentation and processes involved in disposing an asset.


Auction Consulting & Asset Disposal Optimization

We build long-term trusted partnerships with our clients which deliver consistent and reliable results for their businesses. Our advisory offering delivers strategies that help businesses build their reputation in the market as credible sellers and drive price premiums at disposal. You deal with one dedicated specialist who understands your business and your assets, giving you one head to chop.


We benchmark pricing, disposal, and depreciation strategies with robust and proven methods & systems.


We work with you to determine the optimal disposal channel, method, and strategy for your assets.


We develop and standardise bespoke disposal policies & systems for your business to use consistently.