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Over the last 14 years DealersOnline has built, and now manages, 63 auction marketplaces for 8 global OEMs and 19 dealership groups in 5 countries.

Our core technology and service offering has been refined through 2 000 000+ vehicle valuations and the facilitation of over 300 000 transactions to its network of 7000+ registered professional car buyers.

Our turnkey remarketing solutions have helped South Africa’s largest fleet businesses achieve 12% higher returns and reduced disposal times down to 6 days.

DealersOnline’s remarketing capabilities have shaped the fleet management policies and disposal practices of leading business’ across a range of industry verticals, bringing audibility, transparency, and data to our clients decision making.

With, we’re extending our methodology, technology, and practices to include any asset, in any condition, at any age.

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We provide inspection, valuation and marketing solutions to help our clients find and maximise their asset values

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Our auction technology ensures your bidding and buying experience is seamless and straightforward.

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