A deposit of 25% of your bidding limit will be required prior to the commencement of the auction

You may only receive a refund on your deposit if you are unsuccessful in winning the bid or if the seller has rejected your provisional bid.

Your deposit is refundable, provided that you send in a request for the refund.

To receive the deposit you are due, you need to ensure that the banking details you have entered during the registration process is correct.

The refund process requires a 7 day waiting period for it to be successful.

Asset Viewing

Yes, you may. It is highly advised that you view the asset you are interested in before placing a bid on it during the auction.

Take this opportunity to view the asset thoroughly, inside and out.

You can request to view the asset by emailing us at or call us on 021 551 8059.

Please specify that you wish to drive the vehicle when sending the viewing request, so that arrangements can be made ahead of time

The location of the asset is included in its listing description. You will need to make your own arrangements to view the asset at its specified location

Please remember to bring your ID book or Smartcard ID.

If you wish to drive the vehicle, you will need to bring your drivers license along as well


The term ‘unreserved’ refers to items that will be sold to the highest bidder as soon as the auction ends. The item is sold to this bidder as there were no minimum bids or reserve prices placed on the item. charges a buyer’s commission of 6% of the final bid price excluding VAT, and a documentation fee of R2000.00 including VAT, on all sales.
You are responsible for the payment of VAT also

The time and money spent on travelling and on your mechanic for their advice are additional costs that you need to account for.

These costs refer to the time that you and/ or your mechanic have spent travelling to various locations to inspect the equipment pieces of interest


You will receive an email via the email address you registered with, confirming you are the highest bidder.

On this email will find instructions regarding the next steps that you will need to follow regarding payment and collection

You have 24 hours to pay for your car.

When your invoice is paid in full, you have 3 days to collect your asset and put them to work

The following methods can be used to pay for the asset:

  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • EFT
  • Financing methods
  • Bank Guaranteed Cheque

Payment must be made within 24 hours (no later than 48 (forty-eight) hours following the Effective Date.

The details of the preferred bank account to which the payment must be made will be supplied on the invoice sent to you by DealersOnline/ Crownmill Trading

Proof of payment is to be sent to the following email address:

Your Tax Invoice will be emailed to you directly after the auction. Thereafter payment can be made.

You will need to ensure that the payment reflects the correct reference number

All invoices will be sent by DealersOnline /Crownmill Trading directly to the email you have registered with.

Do not accept any other invoices for items that were bid and won on the website

Should any invoice not be settled in full, the buyer will forfeit their Registration Deposit

Asset Collection

To collect your asset, you need to provide the proof of payment.

The vehicle can be collected as soon as the payment is made and reflected in our bank account.

An Item Release form is provided to the buyer or the selected transportation provider after checkout is completed and full payment has been received. The Item Release form provides the buyer with the information needed to schedule pickup of the item.

An appointment must be made to collect the vehicle to ensure we have the time to go through the delivery process thoroughly.

You must collect the vehicle within 3 working days.Should you not collect your vehicle within 3 working days, you will be charged R150 per day storage, which must be paid before the vehicle is released to you

A Release Note will be issued containing all contact information for the relevant Account Manager regarding the collection of item.

Asset Delivery

Shipping is possible, although DealersOnline/Crownmill Trading does not facilitate this service.

Please contact the Account Manager for assistance regarding this

If you are financing : the delivery fee amount can be added to your finance amount.

If you are paying cash: the delivery costs will be invoiced to you.